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   Picture Gallery Of English Model Diesel Engines. Page 1001
This item is part of our model engine photograph and information section.
Please click on the Engine Description for pictures and details. Ref. No.
Kemp 4.4cc Diesel 1002
ED 2cc Mk II Penny Slot model aircraft diesel engine c1946 1003
Oliver Tiger 2.5cc Diesel 1004
AM 15 Blue Head Diesel 1005
ED Hunter Mk.4 Diesel 1006
P.A.W. 2.49 DS  model diesel engine with the original box 1007
DC Dart Quickstart Diesel 1008
AM 25 Black Head Diesel 1009
Oliver Tiger 2.5cc model diesel engine  No. 4468 1010
ETA 5cc Diesel No. 54865 1011
ME Snipe With R/ C  Carburettor 1012
ED Hornet  1013
ETA 15   Blue Head 2.5cc Diesel No. 35232 1014
ED Bee 1.00cc Diesel 1015
ME Snipe Diesel 1016
PAW  29  Diesel with R/C control and muffler 1017
Oliver Tiger 2.5cc Diesel 1018
Original Allen Mercury 10 Diesel  box 1019
Irvine Mills .75 Diesel with original box 1020
ED Racer 2.46cc Mk II  1021
Merco 5cc Diesel with original box. 1022
ED 2cc Competition Special model aircraft diesel engine 1023
Mills 1.3cc Diesel Engine 1024
Kemp Diesel Engine 1025
DC Dart Diesel Engine 1026
Copeman Oliver Tiger  2.5cc Modified Diesel 1027
Elfin 2.49 Diesel Engine No. V4 87 1028
Frog 50 Diesel Engine No. 1218 1029
Miles 8cc Diesel 1030
Elfin 1.49 Diesel Engine 1031
A-M 10 - 1.00cc series II green anodised head model diesel engine 1032
DC Sabre 1.49cc model diesel engine 1033
DC Spitfire 1.00cc model diesel engine 1034
ED Fury 1.46cc Mk I model diesel  engine 1035
PAW  .06 Mk I  Diesel with R/c control and muffler 1036
PAW 2.49  R/c A/c diesel engine with silencer and original box 1037
AM 15 Blue Head model aircraft stunt diesel engine 1038
ED Fury 1.46cc model aircraft diesel engine 1039
PAW .06cc aircraft diesel engine with standard carburettor 1040
Rivers Silver Streak Mk I  2.49cc model aircraft diesel No. A638 1041
E.D. Super Fury 1.49cc boxed model aircraft diesel engine 1042
P.A.W. Mk II  2.49cc model aircraft diesel engine with box 1043
Kemp 1.00cc model aircraft diesel engine c1947 No. 0786 1044
PAW 40 TBR R/c BB model aircraft diesel engine & original box 1045
PAW 55 BR-R/c 0.55cc ( 0.033 cu. in.) aircraft diesel engine. 1046
Mills 075 original model aircraft diesel engine 1047
PAW 1.49cc R/c A/c diesel engine with silencer and original box 1048
DC Sabre 1.49cc model aircraft diesel engine with the box. 1049
PAW 1.49 cc plain bearing model aircraft diesel engine with box 1050
Allbon Series II Javelin c1950 1.5cc model aircraft diesel engine 1051
DC Merlin .76 model diesel engine with metal tank & the original box 1052
ED Baby Mk II 0.46cc model aircraft diesel engine c1953. 1054
Allbon Dart 0.5cc model aircraft diesel engine c1951 1055
ED Bee 1.00cc Mk I model diesel engine 1056
IMA Viper 1.5cc ball-bearing diesel engine. Original box only 1057
Elfin radial mount 2.49cc model diesel engine No. 1561 c1950 1058
Allen Mercury 35 model diesel engine with red anodised head 1059
ED marine flywheel clutch assembly 1060
Allen Mercury 10 model diesel engine with green anodised head 1061
Kemp Kestrel 1.9cc model diesel aero engine, c1949. 1063
P.A.W. 100 plain bearing model aircraft diesel engine with box 1064
Mills 1.3cc Mk. II model aircraft diesel engine with rear fuel tank 1065
ED Mk III 2.49cc model aircraft diesel engine from May 1948 1066
Oliver Tiger 2.5cc R/c model diesel engine with  muffler No. 4681 1067
Taplin Twin green head 7.00cc R/c model aero diesel c1959 1068
Frog 2.49cc BB model aircraft engine, with red anodised fins 1069
Glow-Cat 1.49cc model aircraft glow engine, red anodised head 1070
Amco 3.50cc BB model aero diesel engine with red cylinder head 1071
Airstar 2.15cc.model diesel engine from J.P. Steward & Co. Ltd. c1947 1072
Kalper .32cc Mk II model diesel engine made by Seymour, Hilda &Co. 1073
Frog 150 glow engine No. 1587 with rear metal fuel tank 1074
ED 2cc Competition Special model aircraft diesel engine 1075
ED Super Fury Mk II 1.49cc model aircraft diesel engine c1960 1076
DC 350 6 head bolt model aircraft diesel engine c1951. No tank 1077
PAW .55 cu. in. model diesel engine with red anodised parts 1078
Miles 3.49cc rear disc valve model aero diesel engine 1079
Taplin Twin 15.00cc twin cylinder R/c model aircraft diesel engine 1080
E.D. Miles 4.9cc Mk II Viking A/c R/c model aero diesel engine 1081
E.D. Super Fury MK III 1.49cc model aircraft diesel engine. c1970 1082
DC Allbon Rapier 2.49cc model aircraft diesel engine. c1956 1083
E.D. Cadet 1.00cc model aircraft diesel engine. c1962. 1084
Frog MK I 100 or 1.8 model aircraft diesel engine. c1947 1085
Frog 1.49cc vibro-matic model aircraft diesel engine with box. c1955 1087
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