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   Picture Gallery Of Model Glow Plug Engines. Other Countries. Page 3001
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Please click on the Engine Description for pictures and details. Ref. No.
HP 61 Gold Cup R/c  3302
HP 40 Gold Cup R/ c 3303
ASP 21 ABC R/ c glow engine with silencer with original box 3304
Novel Big Mig .061 with standard carburettor & original box 3305
Super  Tigre  61 S.R.L. with silent muffler 3306
Tiapan 2.5cc model glow engine with rear exhaust 3307
Super Custom  91 4 Stroke 3308
Webra  40 R/ c with silencer. 3309
Super Tigre 61 Serie  X Rear  Exhaust 3310
GMS 2000 47A ABC R/c model aircraft glow engine with box 3311
Super  Tigre  G75 with original box and silent muffler 3312
MTN 46 Pro. model aircraft R/c glow engine 3313
Como 51 R/c model aircraft engine with the original box 3314
Webra  61F Champion with silencer. 3315
Mantua Picco 21 R/c model car engine with slide carburettor 3316
Magnum  GP SE 65 with silencer. 3317
Rossi  60 Black Head. 3318
MVVS 10 with original box 3319
Super Tigre S 2000 R/c model aircraft glow engine with box 3320
Super Tigre G20 model glow engine  3321
Super Tigre G15 model aircraft glow with the original box  3322
Blue Bird N.S. 28 R/c model helicopter engine with original box 3323
Millennium 61 Pro. model aircraft glow engine with silencer 3324
OPS 40 R/c rear induction model aircraft glow engine with box 3325
Thunder Tiger Pro 120R rear exhaust glow engine with fuel pump   3326
MDS 78 R/c model aircraft glow engine made in Russia 3327
Veco 19 Glow Engine with standard carburettor& the original box   3328
Veco 19 R/c with Merco silencer, the original box and paperwork 3329
Veco 19 R/c model aircraft glow engine with the original engine box 3330
ASP 75 R/c model aircraft glow engine with a Parc Amber silencer 3331
Super Tigre G21  3.5cc stunt model glow engine 3332
HP 61 R/c model aircraft glow engine with silencer No. 4250 3333
Webra 61 S R/c model aircraft glow engine 1020 with silencer & box 3334
PICCO 80 R/c rear exhaust model aircraft Ducted Fan glow engine 3335
Super Tigre X-45 F.1. S.P. R/c model aircraft glow engine 3336
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