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Found on Cannock chase near Hednesford 
April 2005

Radio controlled model aircraft was found on Cannock chase near Hednesford.  For more details contact.

Tim Gray     email  

Found In The Roxwell In Chelmsford Area
December 2004

A model aircraft was found, in a hedge in rather
poor condition, near to Roxwell in Chelmsford. Essex. UK.
If someone can prove it's theirs I'd be glad to return it.

Simon   email

Found In The Basingstoke Area
August 2004

Found in a tree in my garden in Basingstoke the following model plane:
USAF 8366 marked on wings - coloured silver with battery, engine and radio control unit -probably some ones pride and joy!
Mike Hann   email

Stolen  Details logged in 17th. April 2003

On Thursday night from DK's rugby club car park.
Dudley and Kingswinford RFC close to Penn models West Midlands.
Stuff Stolen.
1. MC-24 transmitter and case ( pin coded so they cant use it without some
help from the trade!)
2. Zen 50 pattern ship with YS 63 engine and various radio gear Futaba, JR,
Hitec servos
3. Fuel for above in a labelled Model Technics 5% container with 20/20
written on the outside.
4. Drab green flight box complete with starter, battery, glow starts, tools etc.

As most of this kit is not your usual Sunday sport flyer stuff anyone
wishing to use it will have to either have a good knowledge of it or have to
seek assistance from those in the know and you never now your luck it might just show up!
Any information please contact Rob Townsend.

Mobile No. 07970  757581
Tel. No.       01384  349109
Many Thanks
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