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 01483 421425







 01483 421425



We now specialise in second - hand radio control models and equipment. 
If you are considering selling up or have only a few items to sell, please let me know your lowest cash price delivered. Please bear in mind that in due course these goods have to find good homes
on a second-hand market.
Items like engines - radios and other smaller items can be sent by post or carrier but please
remember to pack the items very well and send by registered for extra peace of mind.
Godalming is 3 miles from Guildford in Surrey. UK
If you can deliver, you will receive payment either by cash or cheque which ever you prefer.
A written receipt and some ID will be required. Any boxes - plans - instruction and invoices 
relating to the items to be sold are always appreciated.
We are also cash buyers of shop and bankrupt stock and offer personal service.
If you prefer you can contact me by telephone anytime, but evenings are a good time and calls are cheaper. A brief chat on the telephone is usually the most effective 
way of setting the scene regarding a possible transaction.
Please give details of the goods and your lowest price delivered,
also your name and telephone number.
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If you are considering selling up and would like to sell the complete package for cash, call Mike on Godalming 01483  421425 
Mike Burton   
3 Overbrook
Godalming       Telephone No.  01483 421425
Surrey                     Mobile No.  07711 524761
GU7  1LX                 



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If you are selling up we offer an immediate cash settlement. With over 30 years trading experience we offer a personal and confidential service.
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